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AirDance Summer Festival 2021 On July 3, a wonderful, one-of-a-kind AirDance Summer Festival dance tournament will take place in Warsaw. Everyone will dance here, regardless of the federation they represent. We guarantee a spectacle at the highest level: an international panel of judges, financial prizes and shows of champions, plus live broadcast! Don’t miss the opportunity and dance with us! AirDance Summer Festival is not only a dance competition, it is also a place to develop and improve your skills during the regular international Synergy Team dance workshops, which will be led by outstanding dancers and coaches: Maurizio Vescovo, Pasha Zvychaynyy & Polina Teleshova .


The main goal of AirDance events group has always been the top quality on an international scale.
The maintenance of the highest possible standard of customer services has been our priority since the very beginning.
We have always aimed for the maximum contentment of all the people who participate in our events.
Please know, that we are always open for your suggestions, and if there’s anything we can help you with or improve something for you, we are at your disposal.
Please, feel free to contact us.


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